the wedding



before the wedding

pre-wedding chat - we'll meet at least once before the day so we can chat about what matters most to you on your wedding + usually at the venue.


























we'll go through the itinerary of the day making sure we have enough time for photos so you don't have to worry about any of this on the day + so I'm always at the right place at the right time.

you’ll get a list of shot ideas to think about and then I’ll call you two weeks before the big day just to see if there has been any changes. 

- engagement shoots - these sessions are a fun way to break the ice + get an insight into how I shoot before the wedding day. not to mention, you finally get some photos together as a couple which aren't taken with a selfie stick, which is a great bonus. 














on the wedding day

- prep - girls just love to have fun and this is when it starts - usually a mix of candids with you and the girls and some arty shots with the lighting and mood of the day just getting going. 

- candids - to me, every "big moment" such as ceremony, speeches, 1st dance, are just as important as the "little moments" in the middle, so I'm always tuned in taking photos that show the energy of the day.

- group shots - most of the day I keep to my documentary style but step in to do some family group shots. we'll plan this together before the wedding so you can actually enjoy being with your loved ones instead of spending a ton of time posing with them on your day.

- couple's portraits and ‘couple time’ - what can sound a bit nerve wrecking is actually the only bit of quiet time you'll have with each other on your wedding day. I'll guide you into showing me all the things that reflect your happiness + relationship in that moment while I capture it all on camera, so you can go back to this memory for years to come. 

































- dance - I usually stay for an hour or more after the 1st dance if things don't run late because that's when things start to get crazy! I love a good dance floor, so don't be alarmed if you find me there dancing with everyone while I take your photos....


after the wedding

- editing - normally it takes me 3-4 weeks to edit your wedding photos + i really invest my time in carefully editing them individually. this involves correcting skin tones + giving life to the real colours on the day and yes it really does take a long time edit and polish those gorgeous photos!

- delivery - you will receive a USB in the post + a private online gallery where you + your guests will be able to preview and order from a range of printed products directly from there. in your online gallery you'll be able to pick and choose which photos to hide and to share!

- wedding album - photos look so much better printed than they do in pixels + i work with one of the best printing labs in the UK designing fine art wedding books that are literally made to last a lifetime. you can add this with your package or order one after the wedding + even better, you'll be able to create your own one directly from your gallery.



I feel every wedding is different and I will provide a service to fit your needs and budget. 

But to give you an idea of costs for all the above which usually runs out to around 10 hours ( or 30 hours when you include the editing) i do  from to £575 to £1175).

This would include all your images polished to perfection, an online gallery, USB stick with all those images , a slideshow video set to music, and anything else I can accommodate within that timescale.

We can agree on any additional time if required.

I can also add albums at different price ranges, prints, wall art, detailed edits etc.