No doubt you don't need to be reminded that your wedding most certainly will be in the top 5 big days of your life! It is so important that everything goes according to plan.


I can offer multiple packages for your photography needs, too many to list here but I can give you an idea of what I can offer to make your wedding the memorable occasion that it truly is.

Your bespoke wedding photography package may consist of some or all of the following: 

1. Bride & Groom Preparations 

2. Guest Arrival 

3. The Wedding Ceremony 

4. The Wedding Breakfast 

5. Speeches and Cake Cutting

6. The First Dance

7. The Evening Guests 


Having agreed on the shoot plan, important guests and timings at your initial meetings. 


I will arrive at the preparation locations of the bride and groom at the pre-arranged times such that I can start taking images of the bridal preparations. I like getting preparation images of both the bride and groom (if locations permit) as they act as lovely memories and are an excellent addition to any album, kicking off the story of your big day.


I will provide coverage from here, to the ceremony and from there to the wedding reception. Coverage will stop when you want, not when I want. A lot of photographers prefer to finish off after the first dance. I, however, prefer to get some lovely images of the party afterwards. They are great images to finish off your album and sometimes you get to see peoples true party personalities so why not have it as part of your wedding album.


I will recommend a number of 'couple time' sessions throughout the day. These quieter moments sometimes allow the bride and groom to relax but also allows me to get some of the more intimate shots of the bride and groom. For most weddings, an ideal time for one of these sessions is in the evening, about an hour before the sun sets, what photographers call the golden hour because the light is soft and flattering unlike the intense light during the afternoon when the sun is high in the sky.  


Also, if you have any special photo requests I will be sure to capture them.  These arrangements will all be agreed during your design of the package at out initial meeting.

Photography to me has always been about capturing the drama and emotion in each shot... My shooting and editing style are candid… very relaxed, with a natural look and I try to stay invisible! 


As I said earlier, there are far too many options to mention here. However whatever option you do choose you are guaranteed a memorable, personal and stress-free experience.  All you need to do now is contact me.

The Wedding

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