Spotlight: a photographer’s journey

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

My journey to becoming a wedding tog!

I love taking photos, I love weddings and I love my work.

I re-ignited my love for photography just before I left my job for Spain in 2015.

Being based in one of the more scenic regions of Spain, surrounded by some of the most beautifully untouched #Spanish pueblos, olive groves and rolling hills in the province of Murcia, I started off as a lot of photographers do, photographing their surrounding landscape. My interest grew into street photography and portraiture with a #photojournalistic twist. Building on this and stemming from my insatiable addiction for new lenses and photographic gear (GAS....gear acquisition syndrome!) came the inevitable request to do a photo shoot. With such positive feedback, it was a natural progression to photograph a #wedding.

Photography to me has always been about capturing the drama and emotion in each shot... My shooting and editing style are candid… very relaxed, with a natural look and I try to stay invisible!

I have been photographing since I was 16 which is longer than I care to admit. I recently studied photography at #Wolverhampton College which feels like a lifetime ago where I graduated with a University of Arts, London, Level 3 diploma in Photography.


My first camera was a 35mm film Nikon FTn and my first photos from it were far from perfection! Well this was stolen from our car while touring in 1970 from outside the Prado Art Gallery in Madrid!

The #Nikon FTn was the iconic camera of the time...used by people like David Bailey and Richard Avedon plus numerous war photographers in Vietnam.

They built like tanks and very strong. Alas I could not afford another one so had to settle for a second hand Nikkormat which was the FTn's smaller brother.

I continued with this through school developing and printing B&W photos...with my sister as the model.

School and University took over and I photography took a back seat until I met my wife to be at Uni and we set up a darkroom in out little house in Kent. Then came the move to Wolverhampton its my job. Unfortunately the cameras were stolen again and I gave it up for a while until the birth of our daughter, Frances. Switched to #Canon during this 'period'....cant remember the model....anyway was not overly impressed with it. Then came a long period were work, career and responsibilities took over and the photography was shelved until 2015...when I re-ignited my love for photography.....etc etc.


My Camera collection is forever evolving! It’s been a long and bumpy ride for me to get where I am now but I would not change it for anything.

I truly LOVE What I do and what I'm doing!

I love nothing more than the surprise of what is hiding behind the next #wedding!

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