My Qualifications

I am a graduate of the University of Arts, London, so you can be assured that I know what I am doing! I studied for a Level 3 UAL course in Photography at the Wolverhampton College.....which is the only college outside of London  that the UAL permit to deliver their courses.....not a lot of people know that! 

My History

My love of photography started at School with 35mm black and white film attempting to emulate the likes of David Baily and Richard Avedon.  Since then I have kept in close touch while pursuing a career albeit not in Photography. However, I re-ignited my love for photography just before I left my job for Spain in 2015. Being based in one of the more scenic regions of Spain, surrounded by some of the most beautifully untouched Spanish pueblos, olive groves and rolling hills in the province of Murcia, I started off as a lot of photographers do, photographing their surrounding landscape. My interest grew into street photography and portraiture with a photojournalistic twist. Building on this and stemming from my insatiable addiction for new lenses and photographic gear (GAS....gear acquisition syndrome!) came the inevitable request to do a photo shoot. With such positive feedback, it was a natural progression to photograph a wedding.














My Philosophy

My take on wedding photography is quite simple: I believe the most engaging, heartfelt and memorable photos are captured when the photographer stands back and lets the scene unfold. A moment needs to be seen, allowed to happen naturally, or not at all. It’s why I operate in the discrete way I do.

I favour the honesty of natural light over flash photography but do use flash when its required. I strive to be a bit different, to stand out, and to provide you with a set of beautiful wedding images.

Style & Approach

I want you to understand, and feel completely comfortable and confident in the way I approach wedding photography.  I would rather be in possession of a few truly magical images that make you tingle over a bunch of images you or I have little connection with. I might not get a photo of every single guest at your wedding, but I will seek out images that so many eyes on the day will miss.

I’m drawn to emotion, quirks, subtle detail, unique composition and gorgeous light. I like things just as they are, and people being themselves. Anything else just isn’t real. My goal is to provide you with a set of images that perfectly capture the qualities and character of you and your day. These are the images that will provoke emotion and bring back a the way you felt in the years to come, these are the images that you will hold close to your heart. It’s a wonderful feeling when something just clicks, and I’m sure you already know if I’m the right photographer for you. It is what it is. Stylish and creative documentary wedding photography with relaxed and creative fine art portraiture.

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